Our mission is to introduce you to a whole new technology of high-performance hair care products based on natural ingredients. GOLDHAIR PRO is a high-performance professional hair care range. This range is offered exclusively to the beauty salon industry.

Our range of products and services takes into account the individual needs and expectations of each of our customers. We also offer training by leading experts in the field to support your journey with our products. This is a key element in setting you apart in the marketplace. From creation to production, from consulting to final marketing, our company's value chain has been designed with you in mind.


BTOX EXTREM Ecological: Rediscover hair care with our ecological approach. Formulated with natural, eco-friendly ingredients, this revolutionary treatment minimizes our impact on the planet while delivering unparalleled benefits for your hair.

BTOX XPRESS: Get incredible results in record time! Our Botox Capillaire Xpress offers fast, effective results. BTOX

BLONDE: Specially designed for blonde hair, our Botox Capillaire Blonde is the answer to the specific needs of bleached hair.


Our products are designed in an eco-responsible way, without cruelty to animals, with ingredients carefully selected for your satisfaction.

Our expertise and the experience we have gained in supporting a number of national and international projects make us an essential partner in the eyes of our customers.

The same applies to our concept of quality, which is excellent and consistent throughout the world. Customer satisfaction and project success are at the heart of our mission.