Presenting itself as the ideal partner to work alongside the most up-to-date hairdressers, PARLUX meets their most demanding needs by offering a wide range of professional tools designed to satisfy specific requirements for high performance and reliability. A modern, dynamic company offering innovative technologies in design, assembly, testing and support for professional products aimed at a demanding, constantly evolving clientele.


PARLUX study and research is constantly evolving to improve and renew the potential of its products. Over the years, modern technologies have been introduced, including the most extraordinary IONIC & CERAMIC system, which the modern hairdresser cannot do without. It has improved and accelerated hair drying, while preserving the hair's natural moisture. This sophisticated system is now an indispensable feature of all the latest PARLUX hair dryers. The combined effect of ceramics and negative ion charging allows heat to be radiated directly into the hair, without drying out the hair's external structure. This new technology preserves hair's natural moisture, leaving it shinier, softer and healthier. Water droplets are transformed into micro-molecules that are absorbed by the hair, leaving it shiny, soft and healthy.



The "ECO FRIENDLY" logo underlines PARLUX's care and dedication to creating eco-friendly products with low environmental impact, while maintaining its recognized quality status as the manufacturer of the world's finest professional hair products.

  • Use of highly recyclable materials: all components are fully regenerable, free of harmful elements and painted with non-toxic paints,
  • Low noise: development of a new "patent-pending" integrated muffler that considerably reduces the "noise" perceived by the hairdresser and the customer;
  • Energy savings: PARLUX's focus on improving drying time saves energy with a positive impact on the environment;
  • Respect for the ozone layer: during drying, at any speed and temperature, there are no harmful emissions;
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging and documentation: all manufactured and printed on 100% biodegradable recycled paper and cardboard.