Anna Pacitto

Anna Pacitto, eminent hairdresser and co-founder of Salon Pure in Montreal, is a living legend in Quebec hairdressing, renowned for her avant-garde approach and dedication to educating future talent. Her passion for hairdressing manifests itself in a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence, characterized by the adoption of revolutionary techniques and sustainable practices, as an educator for Davines.

Her influence extends beyond her salon, with notable contributions to various training programs, where she instills a vision of hairdressing that combines art, science and respect for the environment. Repeatedly recognized for her talent, leadership and positive impact on the industry, Anna is not only an inspiration to her peers, but also a dedicated mentor, guiding hairdressers towards a greener, more creative future.

Daniel Benoit

Renowned hairstylist and stylist Daniel Benoit is distinguished by his exceptional mastery of the hair art and his deep commitment to the development of his peers. His reputation extends beyond his artistry, encompassing a role as trainer and mentor to young hairdressers.

With an acute sensitivity to trends and an ability to personalize each creation, Daniel has built a loyal and diverse clientele. He is actively involved in the hairdressing community, participating in seminars and workshops where he generously shares his know-how and innovative techniques. His contribution to the industry, marked by a desire for excellence and authenticity, makes him a role model for professionals aspiring to elevate their art.

Isabelle Lachance

Isabelle Lachance is a true force of nature in Quebec hairdressing, renowned for her innovative approach and unwavering commitment to education. As an educator for Davines, she has left her mark on the industry through her desire to promote sustainable and ethical practices.

Isabelle stands out not only for her impeccable technique, but also for her ability to inspire and motivate her students. She is deeply invested in the development of the next generation of hairdressers, teaching them the importance of creativity, technique and respect for the environment. Her educational work, combined with her involvement in leading professional events, makes her an iconic and respected figure, whose influence continues to shape the future of hairdressing in Quebec.