Verso is a Swedish skincare brand launched in 2013 with a strong Scandinavian spirit - simple, minimalist and quality. We set out to start and lead a revolution in skincare and remain true to that mission. With science as our starting point, Verso produces high-quality products with a reduced number of ingredients. No shortcuts are taken during development to ensure that all products meet this requirement. Our headquarters are located in the center of a significant scientific research environment, close to the campus of Stockholm University in Frescati. Proximity to the scientific community has been essential to Verso's approach to product development.


At the very heart of the brand and our mission is Vitamin A. One of Verso's most important core philosophies is to use at least one Vitamin A product in every skincare routine. Verso aspires to be one of the main pioneers and industry leaders in the cosmetic field of Vitamin A.

Our ambition is to develop effective and stable Vitamin A products based on skin-friendly technology without compromising results. With the unique Retinol 8 Vitamin A complex and our patented NEAR 1 molecule, we believe in representing high-end skincare rooted in science.


We select our ingredients with care and take no shortcuts in the development of our products. Retinol 8 and NEAR 1, along with other functional ingredients such as Niacinamide, Turmeric, Oats, Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract and Ceramides, help us keep the number of ingredients low.

Only high-quality ingredients with a proven ability to visibly rejuvenate the skin and maintain its beauty are selected. The Verso range is gentle enough for everyday use, even on delicate skin.


New scientific insights into the rejuvenating properties of the unique vitamin A complex, Retinol 8, have propelled Verso to the forefront. Clinically testing Retinol 8 under the supervision of doctors at Karolinska University Hospital in the early 2010s, Verso founder Lars Fredriksson ensured that Verso's formulations delivered the expected efficacy and results that had been proven in other published studies.